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    Posted on March 9, 2018 by Megan Mignot in older infant, solid foods.


    When your infant is ready for solids, you are delving into a fun world of seeing foods through a new pair of eyes. Spring and summer are bountiful when it comes to fresh, colorful produce. What better way to introduce fruits and vegetables than by using fresh produce prepared by you! We are lucky to live in an area where we have access to many farms and farmers markets. Let’s go green and support our local farmers. It’s better for the environment on many levels! So why make your own baby foods when you can buy them at the grocery store and save the hassle? Well, we can give you many reasons!

    – Buy Fresh, Buy Local
    The first is you know exactly what your baby is getting and if you’re buying local produce, you know exactly where the food is coming from! Most produce is picked fresh that morning rather than spending days traveling cross-country on a truck, losing vitamins and nutrients. Buying a fruit or vegetable that is new for both you and your infant? Let your farmer share tips on how to prepare it! Farmers markets can be fun to explore, offering heirloom varieties and other uncommon produce not typically found in your grocery store.

    -You can choose organic when necessary. Are you familiar with the Clean 15 and the Dirty Dozen? These are 2 separate lists of produce based on the levels of possible pesticides. ­There are lots of local farmers who use organic farming methods or who limit the pesticides used. By knowing your source, you can speak directly to someone who can tell you how the produce was grown.

    From the Farm to Your Table
    If you purchase your produce from a local farm stand or farmers market, then your produce didn’t have far to travel. Think of all the fuel used to transport produce or baby foods across country when we can get lots of great fruits and vegetables right in our own back yard!

    -Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
    You can reuse your storage containers! Traditionally, baby foods come in glass jars or plastic tubs which you might have been resourceful enough to find new uses for or you might have simply tossed in the trash or recycling (of course, we encourage recycling if it’s an option!). The latest trend in baby foods has been metal and plastic pouches which are not recyclable. If you make your own foods, you can reuse your storage containers and help keep the pouches out of the landfills.

    To find out more about local farmers’ markets in the Centre County Region, visit: http://centrecountyfarmersmarkets.weebly.com/

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