Did you know that Nature to Nurture offers payment plans for our breastfeeding consults? Don’t let finances get in the way of getting the breastfeeding help you need from board-certified lactation consultants (IBCLCs)! We also provide the necessary paperwork for insurance reimbursement for our breastfeeding support services. Contact us to learn more!

Detailed Consultation – $100

90-120 minutes

A home consult with a lactation consultant (IBCLC) from Nature to Nurture is a comprehensive assessment of breastfeeding in the comfort and privacy of your own home. A complete history of pregnancy, delivery, and breastfeeding to date will be completed to assist the lactation consultant in problem solving. The assessment involves a physical exam of mother’s breasts and baby’s mouth structure, as well as a baby weight check before and after a feeding to assess milk transfer. The lactation consultant will observe and assist the mother with breastfeeding techniques. A plan will be developed to work with the parents’ goals. Nature to Nurture wants to help you achieve your breastfeeding goals. After the consult, the lactation consultant will send a letter to your physician describing problem areas, suggestions made, and the plan developed. Visit the Before Your Consult page to view the forms to complete for the consult.

Reasons You Might Need a Private Consultation with a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC):

  • Latch problems
  • Weight gain issues
  • Low supply
  • Use of supplemental formula
  • Cleft lip or cleft palate
  • Use of a feeding tube
  • Premature infant or infant with low birth weight
  • Infant with medical conditions or developmental delays affecting breastfeeding
  • Mother with a medical condition affecting breastfeeding
  • Inverted or flat nipples
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Follow-up Consult – $40

30 minutes

At this visit, the lactation consultant will follow-up on previous suggestions and care plan to assess your breastfeeding situation. The visit includes an assessment of the current situation and a weight check for baby.

Mini-Consult – $60

45 minutes to 1 hour

Erase the doubt away! A lactation consultant from Nature to Nurture will bring our infant scale to your house to assess weight gain, answer any questions you may have, and provide breastfeeding support. This appointment type is for moms and babies who are not experiencing any major breastfeeding problems but have basic breastfeeding questions.

Situations You May Want to Schedule a Mini-Consult For:

      • Thrush
      • Mastitis
      • Plugged Ducts
      • Sleep Concerns
      • Allergies and breastfeeding
      • Fussy Baby
      • Sleepy Baby
      • Concerns about leaking
      • Letdown problems
      • Biting
      • Nursing strikes
      • Dietary concerns while breastfeeding
      • 3 or more of the above may warrant a detailed consult at the discretion of the lactation consultant


Back to Work Pumping Consult – $60

Going back to work and not sure how to start planning? Let us help! Going back to work can be stressful enough without having to worry about breastfeeding, breastpumps, and pumping! During our Back to Work Pumping Consult, a lactation consultant will discuss breastpump assembly, cleaning, and maintenance. You’ll learn how to properly store your breastmilk and what to expect with pumping yields. We will discuss tips for making the transition easier and what changes you might see with breastfeeding. We can create a personal breastfeeding plan that includes balancing pumping and breastfeeding so you can spend more quality time with your baby and less time worrying about your return to work.

Solids and the Older Infant/Toddler – $50

Older infants offer a different set of challenges: starting solids, nursing strikes, transitioning to table foods. Let Nature to Nurture help! We both have strong backgrounds in early childhood nutrition in addition to being IBCLCs. We will discuss how to progress through solids to table foods using evidenced-based recommendations and explore what to expect with breastfeeding during this stage. All information is tailored for you and your baby!

Phone Consult – Free

Questions that do not require a physical assessment can be answered through a phone call. Let a lactation consultant from Nature to Nurture provide reassurance about breastfeeding norms or answer quick questions about returning to work, sleeping through the night, or starting solids. Get the breastfeeding help you need. Any phone call longer than 10 minutes may require a private consult.

Nature to Nurture accepts checks, cash, and credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, and Discover) for all our services. All services are fee-for-service. Payment to the IBCLC is expect at time of service. Equipment rentals are based on availability. PA sales tax (6%) is charged on all equipment and equipment rentals. A credit card number is required to be kept on file for all pump and scale rentals.

At Nature to Nurture, we know that being a mom isn’t easy and that sometimes, babies are on their own schedule. Our lactation consultants (IBCLCs) are available via phone or email, 7 days a week. We offer breastfeeding consultations for any topic you want, prenatal and postpartum. Any of our breastfeeding classes can be offered as a private breastfeeding consult, tailored to you. Weekend and evening visits from a lactation consultant are available at no extra charge. No distance is too far for us to travel. We are based in State College and happy to serve all of Central PA, including Bellefonte, Penns Valley, Altoona, Philipsburg, Lewistown, and surrounding areas.

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