Before Your Consult

Please fill out these forms prior to your consult with Nature to Nurture LLC. If you are unable to, don’t worry! Your lactation consultant will provide a paper copy when we see you.
The Intake Form – Fill out the Intake Form for all private consults with Nature to Nurture. This gives your lactation consultant an idea of what is going on. We will use this to point us in the right direction during the visit.
The Consent Form – Please print out and sign Nature to Nurture’s consent form. This is required for all consults
NPP– Please take a moment to read and sign our Notice of Privacy Practices form. This is required for all consults.

Do’s and Don’ts For Your Consult

Dress comfortably. One of the perks of having someone come to you is home comfort. PJ’s and slippers
are ok!

Don’t Clean! We are coming to help you and your baby, not to inspect your home. Your time should be
focused on eating, sleeping and feeding your baby, not on being a good hostess.

Expect to breastfeed. A consult will involve watching you breastfeed so we can assist you in correcting
any problems. If your baby is hungry before we arrive, please feed your baby. Babies are usually willing
to nurse again within the 2 hours of your consult.

Tuck your pets away. While we love pets, they are a distraction and can create stress for parents if they
don’t behave well with strangers.

Limit visitors. A room full of friends and family can distract from our goal of meeting mom’s needs.
Dad or another support person is welcome but save other visitors for later.

Write down your questions. New parents have many questions and we want to address them all.
Mommy-brain will probably prevent you from remembering all of your concerns.

Be prepared to pay for services. Any questions or concerns you have about payment should be asked
before we arrive at your home. Your insurance company may reimburse you for Lactation Consultant
services. We would be happy to give you any paperwork you may require for reimbursement.