Nursing Necklaces

    What Are Nursing Necklaces?


Beginning at 4 months, babies discover the world around them, starting with their mother’s body.  Little hands will explore your mouth and nose, pull your hair, or pinch you, making breastfeeding difficult.  Refocus those roaming hands with a nursing necklace!  This simple piece of jewelry gives your baby something safe to play with, rather than playing with you, and can keep your baby focused on nursing.

Nursing necklaces provide sensory stimulation and entertainment for babies.  They are a convenient and fashionable alternative to carrying toys around with you. Our nursing necklaces are also great for teething babies.  The 3 inch rings are the perfect size for grasping and chewing.  A nursing necklace makes a great gift idea for any mother!


  About Our Nursing Necklaces


We want only the best for our babies and we know you do too!  Our Nursing necklaces are made with only the highest quality organic materials.  We use organic cotton cords and Pennsylvania maple hardwood.  Our rings and beads are hand-brushed with organic beeswax (from U.S. beekeepers) and olive oil to preserve the life of the wood.  This treatment allows the wood to hold up to lots of gnawing and drooling without splintering.  The necklaces lay 18 inches flat, making it the perfect length for your infant to play with while nursing or being held.   We assemble every one of our nursing necklaces by hand to ensure a quality product.  They are very easy to care for.  Simply wash in warm water as needed and dry with a soft towel.

Our necklaces are designed to be baby-friendly; however, they are not a toy.  Never leave your child unattended with a nursing necklace and please inspect routinely for wear to ensure safety.

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