What People Are Saying About Us


About Our Consultations and Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs):

“Megan was wonderful and I was able to nurse while she was here so that made me feel good.“


“Thanks again ladies, you both have been wonderful and I am so thankful for all your help!!“


“Thanks so much for your help and if I have another child I will definitely call you earlier to come help start without a shield!!!”-Anonymous

“Nursing is no longer uncomfortable and I can enjoy that time with my baby again.” – Danielle

“I cannot tell you again how extremely pleased I was with your services and how thankful I am that I decided to have the consultation.” – Hilaree

“Otherwise we are doing MUCH better!! It’s amazing how a few adjustments can
change everything!! Thank you!!”
– G. Macht

“Thanks so much for your quick and informative responses. It is much more encouraging to hear from you and your personal experiences than get lost in the overwhelming world of Google searches. Thank you, thank you!” – Cassie

“Thanks again for all of your help, I can not tell you what a relief and joy it is to be able to feed my daughter without formula and you have been a huge help in making that possible. ”

“You always make me feel better and lower my stress level. Thank you! ” – Chelsey

“Thanks so much for your help! It’s been amazing having you to email questions etc!!” – Vanessa

“I can’t say strongly enough how helpful and reassuring your visit was. I will be sure to reach out again when we hit the next speed bump!” – Lauren


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About Our Breastfeeding Classes:

“I found the Nature to Nurture class extremely helpful! It was packed with important information yet I did not feel overwhelmed. The packet you provided was helpful as I was able to refer back to it in the days after my son’s birth.-Darlene

“I was completely lost before this and now I feel so much more confident and knowledgeable.  I’m not as scared!!”

“It’s a great 101 class.  I feel more comfortable and more knowledgeable about breastfeeding…And if I have trouble, I feel more comfortable in working through it and contacting someone who can help.”

“I find the experience of the consultants to be helpful in relating to the information given- was very clear and information easy to understand.”-Megan

“This was very helpful-very intimate and personal so I was able to get all of my questions answered.”-Melissa

“I think I got all the information I need to get started [with breastfeeding].  Thank you.  I really appreciate you not rescheduling the class due to cancellations.”-Harshitha

“Very knowledgeable, answered all questions and concerns on topic.”

“Very personal class, well educated.”

“Very helpful. Comforting to know I have a support system in place if I need it.”

“This was very helpful-very intimate and personal so I was able to get all of my questions answered.”

“I find the experience of the consultants to be helpful in relating to the information given. Was very clear and information easy to understand.”

“The videos were great to back up the information.”

“Visuals were very helpful, as were the videos.”

“I appreciated the variety from “lecture” style to watching videos and teddy bear demonstrations and games.”

“I feel much more confident in what to expect with newborn nursing and am much more aware of what to do to prevent problems.”

“Both classes were very helpful & I will be recommending them!!”

“Thank you for the open informal platform to ask questions throughout. The videos and visuals were also helpful.”

“Megan broke everything down simply and I feel better prepared for when the baby comes.”

“Was a great breastfeeding 101 class. Instructor very knowledgeable and could answer all questions. Great analogies.”

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About Our Breastpumps:

“This pump has been a lifesaver”– Lauren

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